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A Journey to Excellence: Securing the Vision with

S.T.A.M.I.N.A. to Solidify the Future through S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Greetings All,

This is an exciting time for T.A.S. as we embark upon “A Journey to Excellence” to restore our Society to the pinnacle of excellence with a sincere focus on scholastic achievement, leadership, fidelity, and service. On this journey, we will embrace the spirit of transparency, accountability, operational compliance, structure, and a clearer sense of purpose. With this renewed spirit, we will re-establish a foundation for growth, prosperity, and unity to lead our respective communities with S.T.A.M.I.N.A. and sustain our commitment to organizational success.

The 2018-2020 National Platform is geared towards addressing the needs of our respective communities in the five target areas. Beyond the targeted programs, scholars will participate in monthly community and personal impact initiatives, as well as our Collegiate Signature Program R.O.O.T.S and new member enrichment and professional development program, which will be called P.O.W.E.R. U.P. (Proving Our Worth Effectively with Resilience, Unity, and Prestige). It is our goal to engage and empower each member with the tools and resources required to successfully achieve personal and professional goals through effective mentorship and networking to ensure stellar leadership and service within our local communities.

A Journey to Excellence: Securing the Vision with S.T.A.M.I.N.A. to Solidify the Future through S.U.C.C.E.S.S. (Scholarship, Unity, Collaboration, Compliance, Empowerment, Service, and Sustainability) is designed to mold our traditional programs, initiatives, and operational standards with new dimensions of T.A.S. to solidify a sustainable future for our communities, while preparing the future leaders and scholars of Academia to ascend to prominence across the globe. By recapturing the vision established by our 18 illustrious Gemstones and instilling a sense of restoration through strategic engagement, innovative programming, high performance, and sound organizational efficiency, we will successfully transform and improve the lives of our constituents and those we represent and serve. Just like our forefathers, we will uphold a love and commitment to scholastic excellence, professionalism, and service lasting a lifetime. “To T.A.S., we pledge our best, to T.A.S., we pledge our best!”

The 2018-2020 National Programmatic Thrust will take Academicians Across the Globe on “A Journey to Excellence: Securing the Vision with S.T.A.M.I.N.A. to Solidify the Future through S.U.C.C.E.S.S!” Members will have an opportunity to participate in the programs under the five targets. In order to restore the standard of excellence upon our beloved Society, we must meet if not exceed the five targets developed below.

Target I: Scholastic Achievement and Career Progression

  • S.O.A.R. (Scholars Offering Academic Resources): Scholars will participate in the book drive, back to school supply drives, college campus tours, etc. to promote post-secondary education in the local communities.
  • EXCEL: Collegiate chapters attend weekly study/library hours as a chapter to promote academic excellence, scholarly endeavors, and to sustain a cumulative Chapter and Individual G.P.A. of 2.5.
  • PROPEL: Graduate/MPAC chapters facilitate resume writing workshops, mock interviews, mentorship, and networking opportunities to foster career exploration, development, and advancement.

Target II: Community Activism and the Multicultural Family

  • E.M.P.O.W.E.R. (Exposing Minds to Phenomenal Opportunists Who Excelled and Reigned supreme): Chapters will be exposed to leaders who have had made a significant impact on our culture and livelihood from across the globe and multicultural individuals who have made a global impact in the realm of community activism, economic wealth, civil rights, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Community Hunger Initiatives: Scholars will launch partnerships with local food banks, shelters, and community pantries.
  • Get Out The Vote: Chapters will volunteer with local organizations to promote the importance of voting and to participate in voter’s registration.
  • T.A.G. (TAS Actively goes Green): Chapters will promote green habits to ensure the sustainability of the environment and enforce effective waste management practices, such as recycling and litter prevention.
  • S.I.M.P.L.Y. F.I.T. (Systematically Impacting the Mental health, Physical Livelihood, and spiritual Yearning through Focused Improvement Techniques): Chapters will participate in initiatives to stay active and healthy on all levels of their physical, mental, and social well-being through fitness and balanced nutrition.
  • PREP 4 LIFE: Chapters will participate in HIV/AIDS awareness and educational seminars to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS by mitigating the opportunities for transmission through safe sex practices.
  • WEEDING OUT THE CANCER: Chapters will focus on awareness and prevention techniques to reduce the potential for cancers prevalent in men.
  • GET MOVING (Scholars Combating Heart Disease): Chapters will participate in initiatives to prevent and manage heart diseases and illnesses, such as hypertension, stroke, heart attacks, etc. through proper diet and exercise.​

Target IV: Economic Prosperity and Wealth

  • P.O.W.E.R. U.P. (Proving Our Worth Effectively with Resilience, Unity, and Prestige): Chapters will participate in initiatives to expose scholars to approaches and techniques to improve and manage their credit, economic value, and demonstrate their overall value and worth through scholastic achievement, career progression, financial stability, good health, cultural and art appreciation, and a sound path to economic prosperity.
  • SECURE THE BAG (Fiscal Responsibility & Transparency): Chapters will participate in initiatives to improve their financial wealth, learn basic banking and budgeting, and establish a path for financial stability.
  • OWN IT: Scholars will learn to effectively manage and be accountable for their long-term and short-term goals and objectives that impact their economic prosperity, wealth, stability, and future success, including establishing a viable path for homeownership, entrepreneurship, investing, and effective retirement and savings plans.

Target V: Final Arts, Performing Arts and Entertainment

  • S.C.A.L.E. (Scholars Creatively & Artistically embarking upon Lifelong Enrichment): Chapters will participate in initiatives to become more familiar with various forms of fine arts, performing arts, and entertainment, including the worlds of vogue, ballroom, strolling, j-setting, etc.
  • ELEVATE: Chapters will visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture, local museums, theatres, plays, etc. to expose themselves to the fine arts and cultural aspects of our communities.


Christopher D. Greggs, Ed.D

National President


About Our Society

The Academia Society, Inc. is one of the oldest non-Greek-lettered societies established by African American college-trained men. To trace its history is to tell a story of changing patterns of human relations in America in the 20th century. The small group of men who organized the Society was conscious of a privileged position as college-trained men of color, just one generation removed from civil rights. They were resolute that their college experiences should be as meaningful and productive as possible. The Academia Society was founded to apply that determination.

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