For more efficient administration, chapters are grouped by the Boulé into regions. In The Academia Society, Incorporated, regions have been formed according to geographical location and density of population. The organization is organized into three regions indicated by the map below; each under the supervision of a Regional Director. For more information on a specific region, feel free to reach out to the Regional Director for the respective region. 

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MERD Fitzpatrick

Middle Eastern Region

Mr. Ryvell D. Fitzpatrick, J.D.

District of Columbia MPAC


States Covered: Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and District of Columbia


Southern Region

Mr. Antorris Williams 

Tallahassee, Florida MPAC


States Covered: Florida, Georgia, Alabama

SWRD Edmonds

Southwestern Region

Mr. D. Tony Edmonds 

New Orleans, Louisiana MPAC


States Covered: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas


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